For some reason I haven’t done shit to my “About” page since I revamped this blog three months ago. And today it finally clicked: I don’t have any way for people to find their way from this blog and its rambly writings to anything I’ve actually published on Amazon. So let’s remedy that in a bit.

First, about me. I’m a guy who writes and I don’t think much more needs to be said. I’m constantly torn between the mundaneness of everyday life and the potential that life holds. Days and weeks pass with nothing actually occuring and you find yourself asking “Is this all life is?” Yeah, it kinda is. Most stories/movies/video games depict a hero on some epic adventure where everything they do is magically important to the survival of the world or whatever: this is not how real life is! I find myself writing stories about this lack of actual stuff that happens in life. Most of the time we live boring day-to-day lives hoping that something comes along to make it all worthwhile. Ya know, those few days out of the year that actually change the course of your life and define it. A new job, a new friendship, etc. Anyways…

About this blog…I’ve been writing here for the past like three or four years; it was my first blog. Some of the older posts clearly show this. I originally intended this to be my rough intro to blogging and has served it purpose well. But with me becoming interested in fictional writing, I’ve repurposed it as a place to share short stories and chapters from works in progress. That’s what this thing is used for now.

I’m currently writing a few stories here. I use it as a kinda “work in progress” blog where I can tidy things up for a public audience and piece a story together. I’m currently working on my Apex Story about my totally mundane time working at a cargo delivery company. The second work in progress story is called Creepy Random Story (tentative, obviously) and is just supposed to be some subconscious ramblings without an actual main plot. The idea is to hopefully have something concrete turn up from my subconscious as I write about things. A story that kinda forms itself in the process. And I wrote about a few other general ideas here.

I have a Facebook page if you care to like/follow that. I think it might be easier to see new chapters than relying on WordPress, especially if you yourself aren’t on WordPress.

I got myself another blog called Everything Sucks. It is what it sounds like: me talking about shit that sucks. It’s kinda like the Family Guy episode where Peter talks about stuff that “grinds his gears.”

I wrote a few short stories that are for sale on Amazon. Here ya go. One is a collection of blog posts bitching about Facebook and the other is a book on options trading. Yes. Options trading. I have no idea what I’m doing.